28 Jul 2014 
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 CTR Overview for players
  The CTR was developed by Tennis Australia in conjunction with Champion Data and Interact Sport and is designed to calculate a player’s ra
 Menu Modes
  Competition planner has a number of different menu modes available.  The menu modes you will have access to will
 Adding a New Player
 To add a new player
 Add Organisation Logo
  To add your organisations logo from organisation menu mode select ‘Organisation’ > ‘Organisation Details’
 Locked Account
 For security r
 Adding a New Administrator/User
 Competition Planner allows for each administrator in your organisation to have their own login information.  You can
 Add/Edit Venues
 To add or edit venues in competition planner from the Competition Management menu mode selec
 Merging Duplicate Players/Viewing past Merge Requests
 Merging Duplicate Players/Viewing past Merge Requests
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